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Antiques Roadshow

An antiques-appraisal series that turned out to be a ratings gem in PBS's attic. The simple format has `Roadshow' traveling around the U.S., evaluating family heirlooms and found items. It's based on the long-running BBC show of the same name.

Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 2

Discover Detroit-area items appraised at the historic Dodge-Wilson estate. One is $40,000-
Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 1

Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 1

See a groundbreaking season of items appraised in settings that are treasures themselves!

Junk in the Trunk 8

WETA PassportJunk in the Trunk 8

Experience all-new and previously unaired Season 22 appraisals

Somethings Wild

WETA PassportSomethings Wild

Uncover an animal attraction to this collection of critters and creatures, plus a

Kooky & Spooky

WETA PassportKooky & Spooky

Celebrate Halloween with thrilling and chilling finds!

Celebrating Latino Heritage

Celebrating Latino Heritage

Items that speak to Latin American history & culture, including a $1.2M-$2.2M find!

Vintage San Francisco

WETA PassportVintage San Francisco

Discover if Golden Gate City treasures still shine as we revisit appraisals from 2003.