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inReads is an online community dedicated to the changing face of reading, focusing on books, technology, and culture.  As part of defining a “social readia” experience, inReads reviews traditional books in nontraditional ways; highlights enhanced e-books and new technologies; interviews writers and artists on the forefront of innovative literary endeavors; and features other art forms and their relationships to reading. 

Within the community platform, inReads allows members to store their own reading history and thoughts within the myReads section and compiles information about the entire community in the ourReads section. Once a myReads account is created, users can keep track of what they have read, dazzle the community with their brilliant insights, share quotes that blew them away, and find out who else reads the same things. These personal myReads shelves can hold links to reads of all types, not just books. While myReads is a personal space where people can express their love of all things reading, ourReads is everyone’s space. The ourReads shelves are accessible to all and give a snapshot of what’s hot, or not and what has the community buzzing. As the inReads community conversation grows, so will these features on the ourReads page.  Join us and help steer the conversation at

inReads is a production of WETA, Washington, D.C. The executive producer of inReads is Michael Holstein and executive editor is Felicia Pride. Major funding for inReads is provided by Park Foundation with additional funding provided by WETA Washington, D.C. 

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